Oh Hello~ I'm Luly! I'm a freelance illustrator from Argentina who loves sparkles.I want to share my creations and bring happiness everywhere!Feel free to reach out to me any time ~ Thank you!Email is preferred for commission and business inquiries.
Email: [email protected]
You can also find me here:

-Commissions Availability-

Emote & Subbadges : Open
Chibis : Open
Illustrations : Open
Special Commissions : Open

Contact via Twitter or Email: [email protected]
Currency is USD $
All listed prices are base prices and can vary depending on the details of the commission.
If you are unsure then please don't hesitate to ask!


Emotes$40 each
Animated emote$80* each

*Price may change by complexity
✦ Includes twitch sizes for each emote.
✦ I only animate emotes that I do

Sub Badges

Subbadge$30 each
Extra badges$30 each
Color/Add-on$15 each

✦ Includes 3 sizes (18px, 36px, 72px) for each badge.
✦ Specify in your form if you want the badges in different resolutions


Starts at $65

Complex details$10
Simple Background$15

✦ Additional charges may apply depending on complexity & details
✦ Additional for outfit design


TypePrice Additional Character
Half body$180$120
Full body$250$160
Backgroundindividually discussed
Additional character+80% of price

✦Includes simple background
✦ Commercial fee 10% to 90% depending on usage.
Contact via Twitter or Email for full quote.

- Special Commissions -

Character Sheet

Starts at $250+

✦Base price already includes 1 full body. Final quote depends on the character details.
Prices listed already includes commercial fees.

Add on'sPrice
Bust$100 each
Half body$150 each
Fullbody$200 each
Accessoriesdiscussed with artist

The character can be in A pose, or simple reference with a different pose.
✦ Design complexity : case by case
For character design orders check below.

Character Design

Starts at $200+

Art style will be simpler/rougher than normal commissions, unless otherwise discussed.I will start out with 3 concepts ideas then I do a back and forth feedback with the client until is fully approved.
clean color draft is lined cleanly with base colors and shadows, but is not as refined as an actual model or illustration.
Please provide clear descriptions, photo/art references, and/or moodboards for the designClient can also request only outfit design

Concept ideas

Final Design

Live2D Art


-Terms of service-

* Read my Terms of Service before availing any of my commissions.*

General Info

  • You may be placed in the Waiting List without upfront payment.

  • I reserve the right to decline a commission if the project and/or character are something I cannot deliver well.

  • You will only receive full resolution digital file/s of the commission. No physical item will be shipped to your home address.

  • I own all rights to the commission: I can stream/publish/make profit of the art unless discussed otherwise.

Commercial & Others

  • 50% of the original price: rush and deadline orders

  • To buy all the rights to the commission, I charge a flat rate of 50% - 300% of the total price.

Request and Revisions

  • Your order's references and requirements must be very clear

  • In case of having many references and requirements, please make a document file.

  • I will provide WIPS through the process of the commissions. You may request 2 major revisions during the sketching phase and 1 minor adjustment after.

  • After the submission of the final commission, changes are not allowed.

Payment and refunds

  • Payment is done only via PayPal in USD.

  • The commission will start once the upfront payment has been made.

  • Once an invoice has been sent, the payment must be submitted within 1 week.

  • The client is able to decline and cancel any commission before payment. As long as the client is just in the waiting list, they are allowed to cancel the commission anytime.

  • Full refunds are possible if I have not started the work yet.

  • Payments are non-refundable once I start working on your commission.

  • I reserve the right to refund and cancel the commission at any time.

Please don't push me to do it faster: Your work will be done either be fast or good, it can't be both,

Do not copy/edit my artwork

Contact via Twitter or Fill the form below for full quote.

Do's and don'ts

  • Old people

  • Furry

  • Mechas

  • Armor

  • NSFW

  • Violance & Gore

  • People from photos.

  • Original characters

  • Fanart

  • Gijinkas/humanization

  • Outfit

  • Design/redesigns

  • Images of your character with a brief description